Sicily is the southernmost region of Italy and a stepping stone from Africa, as well as the Middle East, into Western Europe. This melting pot has been referred to as the Crossroads of Cultures and the Cauldron of Civilizations.

The Island of Sicily – the heart of the Mediterranean and home to its many people groups

Sicily is a frontier mission field: there is considerable need for gospel workers. Italy, in general, is considered “unreached” by most mission’s metrics, and there has never been a true spiritual awakening here.

  • Italy’s population is 98% resistant to a gospel message
  • “Magicians” (sorcerers) outnumber Catholic priests 3 : 1
  • The Vatican considers Italy (host country) a mission field
  • 9 out of 10 towns and villages have no gospel witness!
  • Christian evangelicals say, “We are few and far divided
  • Italian is a bridge language; Sicilian is a distinct tongue
  • Pray for Europe: it’s still considered the “Dark Continent

I started visiting Sicily as a young man in the military, near the end of The Gulf War in the early 90’s. God put a hook in my heart at that time for the people of Sicily and Italy, and so I’ve been returning to this land ever since.

Eventually, it became necessary to live alongside the very people I was ministering to, and that’s where I’ve been since the summer of 2013.

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Home to Normans, Greeks, Arabs, Germans and Jews, it was for centuries a crossroads of cultures and faiths. The epitome of diversity.


Since 2013, in partnership with local churches and national leaders, we’ve been creating a disciple-making movement among indigenous groups, spilling over into immigrant communities, and one day onto mainland Europe.

Since the surge of immigration from sub-Saharan Africa during the mid-2020’s, disciple-making movements have also been growing among refugees and asylum-seekers. We’re proud to partner with local groups who are affecting the swell of these newcomers: caring for them physically and spiritually.

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